My Goals as usual for 2022!

Every year, I jot down a list of goals on the first day of the year and tick the boxes that I accomplished. I had begun to realise that I was able to focus on 2-3 goals successfully and decided that those goals will be accomplished, lesser the better! 

I have started to acknowledge my limitations, how many tasks I can take up and accomplish. I have also realised that, I shouldn't be setting higher expectation than what I can achieve within a specific timeframe and should enjoy what I do rather than the task being a burden and doing it just for the sake of it. 

  • Health & Fitness

For the past few years, I have been trying to set realistic expectations and this year I have refined my "To be accomplished list for 2022" and prioritised health and fitness over others. As the golden proverb says, "Health is Wealth", watching what you eat, physical, mental and dental health is very important and we often don't listen to the warnings our body signals. Fitness plays a very vital role! I have set up a mini gym at home! Thanks to Decathlon for providing a wide range of fitness equipments and for wide range of work out sessions, at an affordable price. :) Whenever, I need a break, I can lift weights, stretch on the yoga mat, use gym stick, do crunches over the gym ball. If you can't go to the gym, then bring the gym home. ;)


  • Music & Books

I started learning Hindustani Bansuri - Scale C flute, starting January 2021 and I'm still a novice. Music is a form of meditation and helps relax mind and soul. Learning musical instruments has been an excellent journey and has improved my listening skills. I got my Tanjavoor Veena repaired in January and bought a new pair of pluckers, it feels so good to be back to playing this divine musical instrument and connected to Carnatic Music. 
I started reading books again and this time on my iPhone apps FBReader, iBooks, Kindle; iPad Notability app and Amazon Kindle Paperwhite device. I still own a huge collection of paper books that I plan to complete reading by the end of this year. I have accumulated quite a backlog of books to be read over years. Phew!

  • Domain & Technology
Now, this has been my bread and butter for many years and I can't emphasise enough on how important it is to learn domain and new technology and grab new opportunities. Domain can't survive without technology. Learning new tools, programming language, databases always adds value to your CV. 

Last but not the least, I have decided to declutter my space as much as possible and buy only if required. Say for e.g. replacing paper books with digital notes or Kindle is ideal while you are always on the move. Buy an appliance that can multitask and saves you money. Don't buy just for the sake of buying. If you haven't been using an item you bought few months ago, rethink if you really need it or going to use it in the next few months - Sell, Donate, Recycle or Throw away. That's my logic of "Minimalism". :) 


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