Nammradio :: Kannada Internet Radio

My mornings begin listening to melodious Kannada songs on Nammradio, an Internet Radio, these days. NammRadio has wide range of programs throughout the week playing genres, cinema songs, folklore, light music and devotional. The Radio is available in four timezones, India, USA, Gulf and Europe. If its unavailable in your geography, you are free to choose the one you of your choice. NammRadio is available in web browser version, App Store and Google Playstore

I have listened to most of their programs and every program is enjoyable. I hum the songs as I listen and singing the old Kannada songs when you grew up are the most that are close to your heart. 

I don't have any single program as a favourite as I admire all the programs and songs being played on this Radio. 

You can browse the program list here:


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