Things to do during lockdown

Most of us are bored staying home and interacting with near and dear ones on video chats, though nothing would ever come close to hug the loved ones we should we thankful for all the beautiful memories we have had earlier. The food, the money, health and whatever we have wished for and I believe nothing is stronger than a prayer with good intention for the loved ones. 

I have compiled a list that can be achieved while staying at home:

1. Spend time with family

If you live with your family, you have plenty of time spending with family that you have missed earlier.

2. Say 'Hello' to an old friend

I spoke to friends from childhood and each one of us were so happy to catch each others glimpse after ages. 

3. Time to forgive and forget

It's not a right time to hold grudges or recollect how much one has hurt you, forgive and forget them, who knows you may never meet them at all when you wish to?

4. Gardening

If you have space and love plants no matter you don't have backyard, then why not have terrariums. These are such wonderful hanging plants to have in your living room.

5. Cleaning up home

I cleaned up each and every nook of the home picking one area each day. I donated, discarded and sold the items that I no longer used.

6. Explore the Business Ideas

If you have been thinking of launching your own business or a side hustle, then its a best time to brainstorm the ideas and prepare Business Plan. It need not be big, small steps lead to big ventures. 

7. Online mentoring

If you are good at a niche skill, then why not start online tutoring? 

8. Cooking skills

Try new recipes and also explore if you can cook without an ingredient that isn't in stock. 

9. Yoga and Aerobics

As the gyms and sports centres are closed, learn yoga, aerobics or dancing to stay fit. I find aerobics and dancing are a great way to release stress.

10. Painting

How could I miss out this exquisite hobby? Crayons, Colour Pencils, Acrylic or Oil painting, just try it on. 

11. Mandala

I started Mandala drawing and its not only a great stress buster but increases focus and coordination.

12. Singing

Enrol to a music course, Carnatic or Hindustani or Western and start singing. If you love to hum Bollywood songs, then Smule is the best place where you can sing duets with budding singers.

13. Musical Instrument

Did I tell you I recently bought a Ukulele for strumming. I have started practicing chords while I have also been regularly practicing flute.

14. Books

Plenty of books available on Amazon Kindle Store for a price, free ones on, Project Gutenberg. Hop on to to explore what genre fascinates you the most.

15. Hair care and skin care

As you stay at home, you don't have plenty of time for hair care and skin care. 

16. Start YouTube video blogging channel 

If you had been waiting to start a vlogging channel, then start it now. You learn content creation, how to shoot the videos and edit them.

17. Digital store

If you have a product or service to offer, then start a Digital Store. 

18. Up skill

Learn a new tool or language that is hot in the job market and open the door for job opportunity if you are looking for one.

19. Arrange the files, folders, photos in an order and name them

If you hadn't got a chance to clean up your phone or laptop memory, then its a right time to organise them

20. Self Care

Pamper yourself and do soul searching of what you need. Eat and sleep well. 
Laugh a lot as its the best medicine. 


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