Perisher Ski Resort

4th August 2018

Perisher Ski Resort is a popular destination for skiers in winter when the valley is filled with snow. Perisher is 5 hour 30 minutes drive from Sydney and located in New South Wales, Australia. We started the previous night and reached early morning. 

What to bring along?
  • Ski jackets & trousers
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Ski Goggles or Mask
  • Beanie 
  • Scarf
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Food
  • Camera, optional
You can hire toboggan, ski gears, ski shoes before you reach Perisher on your way. I just borrowed a toboggan and its the safest to slide down the snow if you are scared of skiing and breaking your bones.

We have a snowfall which made staying out in the snow made much colder and I also noticed my iPhone would get turned off due to the extreme temperature. If you are taking DSLR Camera with you, ensure you have packed it well and avoid the moisture settling inside the camera to avoid the damage. 

We had to board a train to reach the top and the train ride was so much fun. We packed our lunches though the place had amazing restaurants and take aways to avoid the huge queues and wait time for pick up and as it was a picnic, we got to spend more time talking over lunch. 

If you love snow and live in Sydney or Canberra, then you shouldn't miss Mt Perisher during peak winter. Its worth the visit. 


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