City2Surf 14k Run

11th Aug 2019: I ran 14k City2Surf today starting from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach. It was a fun filled event and I took about 90 minutes to finish, which isn't a bad timing. I started running in the winter initially for 5k everyday and gradually, increasing to 10k, 12k and 14k in a month's practice. Alongside, I was swimming, yoga and pranayama which go hand in hand and improved breathe control while running. 

The event was fun filled and the runners were cheerful. The music bands cheered us all the way to the finish. :) There were water stations every 3-4km but I reckon you take your own water bottle and sunscreen. After 4km, I was a bit drained as it was a sunny day and had to stop for while. But my situation improved slowly and I was able to run without any knee ache or calf muscle injury. 

City2Surf Map

Music bands

I got my medal on completion, hurray!!!


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